Don’t apply your mind / Dimaag mat lagao

In most of the operations / process oriented roles (across Tech, Credit, Ops units) of banks (and across any industry), people are pushed to do the work without applying their mind. There is always a strict policy and procedure document, which must be followed by them. Any mistake can result in threats of penalty / punishment. Top management communication is around “follow the process and don’t apply your minds”. We have essentially converted these roles into mechanical ones.

With the arrival of Digital, these roles are facing a different challenge. As these roles can be automated using API integration / Robotic Process Automation, “lack of application of mind” is coming out as clear indication that these roles would be eliminated. My recommendations to those working in these roles are:

–          Focus on continuous enhancement of your skills through internal and external skill programs

–          Participate in new initiatives in your organization (don’t resist the change as it would make you even more vulnerable)

–          Focus on continuous Business Value creation

–          Mentally be ready for change

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