Project Management works well when

Technology projects are designed to fail; and when I say fail I meant to include delayed execution, multiple slippages of timelines, scope misalignment, cost overrun, opportunity loss and many more…apart from discomfort among team and loss of trust from business…

But what does it take to make project management tick so that it delivers result as it was designed to.. Let’s look at some of the key aspects to focus on:

Consistently manage Stakeholders– moment stakeholders / project sponsor goes offline in project, disorientation start creeping in and starts impacting pace of the project; so it is important to keep them onboard every week, month.

Take decisions on time– there will be many moments come in project which brings it to standstill or slow down the pace because one needs to take decision to remove bottlenecks or define way forward; at times those may be tough decision to make but someone in charge should take decisions

Onboard all associated team onboard from start of the project- Though projects are designed in such a way that every team has its own play at respective phases, but it is critical to get everyone associated from start of the project to avoid disconnects… multiple disconnects hurt project badly

Trust vendors/partners completely– Vendors are mostly focussed to make project work and it we put full trust; they would put up best of team to ensure success. Ensure vendors are fully aligned with core team

So how do you build strong project management culture and practices which continuously generates deliver projects at fast pace…

Key principles to be followed include:

  • Have someone with strong decision-making capabilities as charge of the project: this is skill mostly needed
  • Setup project management structure and ensure management meeting happens regularly without fail even there has not been any progress
  • Communication is the key: make sure every associated team, stakeholders are informed of every aspect of project including delays, risks (transparency in project very critical)
  • Have regular meetings with Vendor senior management
  • Involve all teams from start of the project and keep them involved otherwise team coming at later stage may suggest something which may have serious impact
  • Ruthlessness needed at time for project – successful projects need ruthless execution at times

At The Digital Fifth, We work with Banks/FIs as well as Startups to help them into supporting on large transformation projects or helping them to do recovery of project

Shashank Shekhar

Head of Consulting

The Digital Fifth


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